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How To Earn Btc By Refferal

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Hello guy,i have gotten a new step to earn btc,it fast and easy

How it works

They will offer you FREE Sign up’s in our Advertising Package Program so you can concentrate on building a BIG organisation - your own business. See the potential of their income ‘LIVE’ through your Back Office before you’ve even spent any money out of your pocket.

We will purchase your $35USD Ad Packs for you. You then work for ten days between 5th August to 15th August 2018. All you are required to do is AGREE to work on or before 15th August 2018

By purchasing Ad space you can create a massive income stream with their 3x3x3 income train to infinity.

When your team follows you through each stage they will do so to infinity...

Line 1 - They will purchase your Ad Packs for $35USD. This is your qualifier into the next level

Line 2 - Profit Sharing starts now

All members who fall under you, earns you $35USD x 3 = $105USD

Line 3 - Profit Sharing continue

All members who fall under you, earns you $100USD x 3 = $300USD

TOTAL PROFIT SHARE = $405 for every member who purchase Ad Packs and completes all three Lines.

There is more...

On completion of Line 3,They Will issue you with a Bonus Center (equal to $140USD) and 3 additional Ad Packages back into Line 1 to do it all over again.

It’s all about working with them for 10 days.


                          TRAVELADA PIFFING

*No more waiting for Travelada piffing, after receiving your $405 on the 17th, we are all going to activate Travelada with $100.
*Do not be left behind otherwise your downlines will earn the $405 and activate their Travelada before  you & unfortunately you will loose them.

*Everyone can earn now,just make a plan to get the $35*

*That includes you too after registration!!*

Steps to register

*click HERE

*click join as shown below

*fill the forms as shown below to register

*go to your mail and follow this procedure

- Add a subject: Ad account activation

Please my name is:
Username: e.g webgeak

Please am requesting for ad package activation please help me my down lines are waiting
Please pay for me for my activation

Send it to this email 👇 ytpleaders@gmail.com

*Then go to your dashboard and follow this procedure to get ytou referal link as shown below

*copy your referral link and share with your friends to earn

Note:5days left to the cashout day...u can still roll along

Happy earning....
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