Latest free browsing for mtn using operamini

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hello guys,
hope you are still blazing the glo sim?...with the help of my fellow admin,we got a new cheat from mtn

1.strong connection mtn sim
2.migration to mtn ipulse
3.operamini apk
4.airtime or subscription to mtn night plan

Steps to start browsing free
1.after subscribing or getting a low data bundle
2.lauch your operamini
3.start downloading the files you wish to download
Note:line up all the files at once
4.when your download are processing,you will receive a message that your data will exhaust soon
5.ignore the message and continue downloading your files will later get a message that your data have been exhausted,and your files will stop downloading
This is where the trick is
7.just click on your paused files and it will continue downloading suprisingly

We found out that the cheat does not have a particular data to be used...but luckily to you,you will be able to use up to 1.5GB or more

Team prextech cares about you...

Happy blazing...........
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