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The description of SPYMIE: Key Logger
 No GPS required or no Wi-Fi required
 Completely free app. No hidden charges
 Password protected
 Icon Hiding
 Sends logs via email
 Temporally logs storage in local database

SPYMIE: Key logger is specially designed for
parents to track the cell phones of your children.
It will also help you when someone friends ask
you for your phone for ten minutes but you
don’t trust on it. So what you have to do you
only have to on the SPYMIE: Key Logger. So
whenever the friends return phone to you, you
can check all the activities done by your friend.

It records all the activities that are done on your
phone. All activates are send to your mobile
phone via email.

For parents what they have to do, you just
install the app in your children phone. Hide the
icon. Later on you have check all the activities
done by your children in the whole day.

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