Webgeak Forum Launched

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WebgeakForum is a multi-niche forum where everyone can start a discussion of any type of topic and discussion about latest happenings around him or her.

Sometimes you seek instant solutions, webgeak Forum is there to Solve all your problems.

There are also some amazing features in the forum, which are👇👇

*WebgeakForum has been with some amazing features below*

1. Simple & Responsive Design

2. Settings page to easily manage the forum

3. Forum search option

4.pages & Categories

5. User & Badges

6. Option to get notified for replies

7.User avatar to get the user mini profile

8.User registration and reset password options

9. Forum Modes
Public: General forum mode, in this mode the forum will be open for public to view public threads
Private: Only register member will have the access to forum
Maintenance: Forum not available to mods and members

10.Thread Options (Who can see)
Everyone: Everyone public (not private), members and all other can see the thread
Members: Only registered members can see the thread
Admnins, Mods & Me: Creator, moderators and admins can see the thread

11.User Roles
Admin: admins can perform any task on forum from thread to settings
Moderator: moderators can perform all task as admin except users, settings and delete rights
Member: Forum member can create threads, add replies.

12.Forum Statistics with
Total thread
Total Replies
Total members (users including the admins & mods)

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