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Gmail is one of Google services where you send and receive electronic messages. Here I'll show you how to create an account using Google chrome browser though it works same for other browsers too. And with this account you can sign in to any google products and services like YouTube, Google map, Google earth, Google+

Steps to create a gmail account

Step 1.

1. Lunch your browser and visit https://accounts.google.com
When it loads, google will ask you to sign in to your account with either e-mail or phone number. Also you will be asked to recover your mail (forgot email) in case you miss or loss your email.
At the bottom left you'll see option to create account.

2. Select create account.
When the page loads, fill in the account opening form with your details:
a. First name
b. Last name
c. Username
d. Password
e. Retype password
Note that your username will be the mail address you want to create. Although google may give you some options to choose from if you like.
After filling the form, select next at the bottom right. (Some browsers like google chrome will ask to save your password)

3. The next page will ask for your phone number, recovery e-mail address, birthday and gender. Although phone number and recovery mail are optional, you can fill them in case you loss your mail or password in the future.
After filling this form, select next at the bottom right.

4. The next page will ask you to agree to Google's terms of service. If you have the time you can read otherwise scroll down and select 'I agree' at the bottom right.

5. By now you should receive a welcome message from google.
You will also see the following icons to Google's products and services:
Google search,
Google mail (gmail),
Google map,

6. You can select google mail icon to go directly to your mail box where you'll see your first message from Google Community Team.

BOOM..your gmail account is created succesfully.
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