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Link.ng: hello guys hope you are having a good time..i am back once again to give you an update about a money making site in which 50% of us know about it.

we all know that blog9ja currenty had an issue due to some malfuction in their site but i know people have been saying all sort of thing about them when this incident happened, i messaged the admin and he he gave me  some info about what happened currently before the issue came....

Due to this issue blog9ja have no choice but move the site to a better one which includes a well known features eg wallet etc called Link.ng

Incase you dont know about blog9ja you might be suprise that what is blog9ja ...blog9ja is a money making site that pays you due to your performance on there site eg referal,commenting and sharing of sponsored post..
Here is how blog9ja works:

1. On this platform you are paid #100 naira for
each sponsored post you share on Facebook
timeline daily.

2. You're also paid #50 naira on your first login
to your Nnu income account every day

3. You also earn #2 on any news topic that you
read on the site, all you do is just to read the news
posts. And you can read as many news topics as
you want let's say 100 t0 200 or more daily

4. You earn #1000 for each person you invite to
join Nnu income program*
Assuming you can refer at least 20 to 30 or 50
people, do you know that's a whooping #20,000 to
#50,000 monthly?

5. Earn #100 by posting NEWS and get admin

Link.ng is also working the same way all you have to do is exactly the same as blog9ja but just a littler difference

Here is how you earn on link.ng

By sharing your promotional link

By commenting

By posting on their blog

By referring and you can also earn when your referral refers tooo

why not join now to enjoy this offer while it last......click here to join the moving train

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