Adelakun Oluwatobi Adefolarin P. K. A attitude99's Biography

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Meet Adelakun Oluwatobi Adefolarin aka (attitude) a model(Run away and Fashion) Scroll down to know more about him

My name's Adelakun Oluwatobi Adefolarin P. K. A attitude99,I am from Ondo city in Ondo state Nigeria
I am a MODEL (Runway and Fashion)
Booking me for your next brand event is a smart idea! I give 110% of my energy and enthusiasm to every event I work. I take pride in immersing myself in the brands I represent as a promotional model.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the more than 100 trade shows I have worked, but my experience does not end there… I have also been featured in print ads, runway shows, and have been in several tv commercials


You can contact him and also chat him up on his social handles
Instagram @attitude_ninetynine
Whatsapp: +2349068019874
Calls: +2347085090929
Facebook: Atti Tude
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