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Cam.tv - How To Earn On Cam.tv

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Cam.TV is the first Social network where the LIKES you
receive are worth money
   Cam.tv created an affiliate system where you  spread your personal affiliate
link and receive up to 5% refferal point on each user

What do you need to join cam.tv?

1. Smartphone
2. Internet access
3. Bank account

How to join cam.tv and start earning

1. Click on the below link

2.  You will be directed to this page shown below, then click "create your account now"

3. You will be asked to signup using your mail or social media account as shown below, choose mail 

4. Fill in your details as shown below then click register
  Note: choose "private user" as your account type

5. You will see a popup that you have to verify your mail...the go to your mail and click on "confirm" as shown below

6. You will be directed to you dashboard immediatly and your gmail will be verified then you will get your affiliate via mail as shown below 

but is that all? No

7.Now in you dashboard click the drop down menu at the left side and click on "personal data" as shown below

8. A page will open which will ask for some  details kindly fill in all especially your phone number because you will verify your phone number also...now click on save as shown below after filling the details
 Note: my phone number have been verified that why you see the verified icon beside it

9. A popup will appear asking you to verify you phone number by putting the code sent to you
 Note it might ask you to input your number again befor asking you to input code as shown below

10. After clicking on submit you will get a mail that your account has been certified as shown below and you will be given 50likes coins

Boom you can now start referring your friend each person you refer is 100like coins which is 1£, minimum payout is 1,000likes coins which is 10£

When you refer you can check your balance by clicking dashboard in the drop down menu at the right side

Scroll down to see your earnings as shown below

That is where you will get the withdraw option also..

Happy Earning
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