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How To Run Plotagon Apk On Low Version Device

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What is Plotagon?

Plotagon is a fun application for iOS and Android that lets anyone create animated videos in seconds. Write your story, choose characters, and press play.

Things needed to use plotagon

How to use plotagon on low device

1. Download plotagon zip file with the above link

2. Open the z-archiever app to extract the app and file from the zip

3. Click on the zip file and click extract here to split it

4. After extracting we will see the app and a file named android above

5. We need to copy that com.plotagon file to our storage android location now we will head to our storage >android>obb and paste it there

After pasting the file we need to tweak the app so that it can be installed on our low device phone, here we will open our apk editor

Click on 'select an apk file' then we locate the app 'plotagon' then click on it

Mine is showing that error because I have patched it before, now click on common edit

Now it will popup this all you have to do is change the minimum SDK version to your phone SDK version, you can google eg SDK version for android 4.2

Now after adding that click on save,it will make some changes to the app by reducing the version to phone then it will ask you to install

After installing boom, you can now use plotagon on your low device

Here is a prove from my android 4.2

You can also watch the video tutorial below for better understanding

Kindly subscribe to the channel and comment if you face any error, thank you...

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